Assessments/Benchmarking/Feasibility Studies

WFLO has completed cold chain and food systems assessments in over 25 countries around the world. These assessments employ a five-pronged approach, exploring challenges and opportunities at each link of perishable food supply chains including postharvest, food processing, storage, transportation, and design.

Based on internal association research and data analysis for sophisticated markets, WFLO can utilize our networks and processes to gather benchmarking data for emerging economies, enabling companies to benchmark their facilities against other temperature-controlled warehouses by designated key performance indicators. This reporting platform helps temperature-controlled warehouse companies better evaluate their operations and performance.

Capitalizing on our global presence and influence in the industry, we serve as matchmaker for investors interested in the cold chain. Market research and feasibility studies conducted by WFLO have prompted investment discussions for proposed cold storage projects in Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Egypt, the Republic of Georgia, Pakistan, and Romania. WFLO has also provided consultations which led to the construction of multimillion dollar facilities in Moldova, Morocco, and the Republic of Georgia.