Cold Chain Standards/Regulations

GCCA has developed the international best practices for industry across the cold chain and are regularly called upon to assist companies and other countries with these standards. GCCA is currently developing the evaluation criteria that will be used to support a global Warehouse Certification Program, whereby facilities will be evaluated across several broad categories, including Site and Building Standards, Facility Management, Personnel Management, Quality Management Systems, Hazard & Risk Analysis (HACCP), and Vehicle Operating Standards (If Applicable).   

In addition, knowledge relating to best practices are disseminated through publications like the GCCA Commodity Storage & Handling Manual, the Guide to Effective Warehouse Operations, and the Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Guide, as well as the WFLO Institute programs. The WFLO Institute is a four-day industry-specific program for professionals engaged in temperature-controlled logistics, offering more than 40 classes taught by leading experts in the industry. The curriculum takes students through cold chain management, customer service, employee safety, food safety, warehouse operations, transportation operations, and professional development.

WFLO worked with the Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasers (CFLP) to compare existing government standards and current cold chain practices in Shanghai and Beijing to international best practices. After completing an assessment in-country and validating the results through a series of events, this analysis has been used to generate a best practices Cold Chain Operations manual.