Committee service offers members the opportunity to engage in focused, high-level strategic discussions about the industry and/or association programs. This is a unique chance for you to learn from your peers while giving back to the association by sharing your time and experience.


Volunteer to Serve on a GCCA Committee

If you would like to learn more about volunteering for committees or other volunteer opportunities, please contact Alice McKinnon .

Committee member terms last for one year, beginning January 1. Please note that by volunteering you are agreeing to participate in all committee meetings and conference calls. If you are absent without prior notice, you may be removed from the committee.


What’s involved?

To be a working committee member you need to:

  • Make a yearlong commitment to answer questions, participate in electronic discussions, conference calls, and in-person meetings as required. Time commitment varies from committee to committee.
  • Attend all committee meetings. Committees typically meet via conference call and then at least once a year in-person. 

GCCA Committees


Audit Committee (IARW-WFLO)

The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization’s financial reporting process, monitoring accounting policies and principles, monitoring internal control processes, and overseeing the hiring and performance of external auditors. View the membership roster . Note: Membership in this committee is by invitation only.

Association Programs Committee (IARW-WFLO)

In administering the programs of the association, staff faces a variety of issues concerning meetings, communications, and marketing. The Association Program Committee offers oversight, counsel, and guidance to staff on programmatic activities not currently addressed in other existing committees. View the membership roster .

Business Development and Networking Committee (CEBA)

Creates and facilitates networking opportunities to help CEBA members build business relationships. View the membership roster .

Compensation Committee (IARW-WFLO)

The IARW-WFLO Compensation Committee advises the President & CEO on total employee salaries as it pertains to the line item in the budget; employee benefits plans; and employee performance and incentive programs design. View the membership roster . Note: Membership in this committee is by invitation only .

Construction/Codes Committee (CEBA-IARW)

The CEBA-IARW Construction/Codes Committee is the principal resource in drafting and reviewing technical publications and addressing technical questions submitted by industry members. The committee covers all aspects of warehouse construction, including design, cost, materials, and codes. Resource guests include codes officials and associate members in construction. View the membership roster .

Education Committee (CEBA)

Provides resources to educate the cold storage construction industry and standardize and promote industry best practices. View the membership roster .

Education Committee (WFLO)

The purpose of the WFLO Education Committee is to provide continuing direction for the creation, development and execution of all education initiatives for IARW-WFLO members by recommending enhancements to existing education training programs, identifying training needs, and prioritizing education initiatives for the association. View the membership roster .

Finance Committee (IARW-WFLO)

Provides advice and guidance to the IARW and WFLO board, executive committee, and chairman of the organization related to financial issues. View the membership roster . Note: Membership in this committee is by invitation only .

Government Affairs Committee (GCCA)

The Committee is charged with monitoring and influencing federal legislation and regulations which affect the public refrigerated warehouse industry and the core partners of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, including USDA, EPA, OSHA and other government programs. Also monitors international regulations impacting meat and poultry products in the distribution chain and relevant issues which affect the import and export of refrigerated products. View the membership roster .

Insurance Review Committee (IARW)

Oversees IARW Insurance Program with Lockton Companies. View the membership roster . Note: Membership in this committee is by invitation only .

International Programs Committee (GCCA)

Examines all issues in effort to guide and assist the development and expansion of the Global Cold Chain Alliance’s international activities in the following areas: Association Building; Membership Services; and International Project Activities externally funded. View the membership roster .

Investment Committee (IARW-WFLO-CEBA)

Oversees association investments. View membership roster . Note: Membership in this committee is by invitation only .

Market Intelligence and Research Committee (GCCA)

The Market Intelligence and Research Committee advances the knowledge of the industry by leading association research and benchmarking efforts. View the membership roster . Note: Membership in this committee is by invitation only. Please contact Alice Schneider   for more information .

Marketing and Brand Awareness Committee (CEBA)

Builds awareness of CEBA in the cold chain industry and amongst end-users. View the membership roster .

Refrigeration and Energy Committee (IARW-CEBA)

The Refrigeration and Energy Committee was established to address the efficient use of energy and oversee the IARW Energy Services program. Provides guidance to maximize efficient, effective, reliable, safe and economical refrigeration. View the membership roster .

Safety Committee (IARW)

The Safety Committee identifies best practices in worker safety to improve the safety performance of members and the PRW industry at large. View the membership roster .

Supply Chain Operations Committee (GCCA)

The GCCA Supply Chain Operations Committee examines the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain. The committee discusses logistics at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of activities. Supply Chain Operations addresses warehouse operational issues, but also covers all elements of the supply chain beyond just the warehouse. View the membership roster .

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