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COVID-19 resources for European members

GCCA Leadership is working very closely with the European Advisory Committee to identify pressing challenges of temperature-controlled 3PLs in the region through the situation around COVID-19. A dedicated portal was created on the GCCA Website including a response guide and a list of information sources.


The GCCA Response Guide is built on feedback and inquiries received from members and updated every week. The Guide, also available in Spanish and Portuguese, includes general information such as initiatives to help mitigate risk of spreading COVID-19 within facilities, how long the virus can survive in cold environments, how to help workers stay healthy, recommended protocols when a worker tests positive, communication templates and many other items. The Spanish and Portuguese versions can be downloaded on the Coronavirus portal .


The portal contains high-priority resources related to infection and workforce management, operational procedures, information on food safety, inquiry submission and other valuable guidelines. You can listen to the recording of GCCA's weekly COVID-19 update webinar. These webinars address general information as well as regional specific information – North America, Latin America, Brazil. If you want to keep abreast of the latest publications and updates, you can Subscribe for updates .


EU initiatives and resources:

April 28, 2020



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