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Facilities on East Coast of U.S. Prep for Hurricane Florence

Temperature-controlled warehouse members on the east coast of the United States are prepping for Hurricane Florence, expected to make landfall late Thursday, September 13, 2018. Below are helpful tips to use in the event of a hurricane or similar weather-related emergency. 

  • If your facility is in danger of experiencing power outages or other emergencies as a result of the hurricane, take steps to run your freezers down to at least -10 degrees F in advance of landfall. 
  • If your facility loses power at any point during the storm, it is recommended to keep all freezer doors closed except for emergencies.
  • Back-up generators are extremely important in times of emergency. If your facility has one to loan or if you are in need of a back-up generator, contact GCCA headquarters at +2022lpl . 

In the event of a facility emergency, please contact the GCCA Crisis Management Go Team immediately, as they are prepared to assist in such situations. 


Activate the GCCA Crisis Management GO TEAM

Dial +1 703 373 4306 x211
or +2022lpl

as soon as possible following an emergency 

For additional information on crisis management, please refer to the IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Crisis Management .

September 12, 2018


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