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FSIS to Update PHIS

On August 24, 2020, FSIS will update the Public Health Information System (PHIS) to improve the function of the system. The updates will include corporate and establishment functions to help industry manage its users, as well as enhancements to the export application process for both the User Interface (UI) and the machine to machine (M2M) technology. There will be improvements to the corporate and establishment administrator roles to expand industry user management, access to establishment information, and simplify first-time access to PHIS. Additionally, there will be improvements to the export application process. Applicants will be permitted access to more data fields for error correction, including the ability to correct or modify additional data fields after the FSIS review process has begun. However, this additional flexibility cannot substitute for effective industry internal controls.

The following is a summary of the enhancements:

Management and access functions: expanded access for corporate administrator; email notifications when there is no establishment administrator; menu item alerts when there are access requests for approval; expanded time given for activation codes (including foreign country login-certificate viewer role); and direct access to the users “Homepage” after new eAuth approval.

Export application: country letterhead statements can be populated directly to the remarks section; additional editable fields up to the final approver (product details, exporter page, importer page, remarks section and remarks); spell check on most frequently omitted and/or misspelled data fields; exporter history tab; warning when more than one applicant is working on the same application; alerts when the application is under review by FSIS inspection personnel; and other alerts and warnings.


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August 24, 2020


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