Futurologist Clem Sunter to Keynote GCCA South Africa Cold Chain Summit

August 13, 2015

Clem Sunter, a Scenario Planner and Futurologist from South Africa, will keynote the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) South Africa Cold Chain Summit, to be held 18-19 October 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. The two-day summit will bring together more than 100 cold chain professionals from around the world to discuss the South African cold chain industry, its global impact, and how to operate successfully within the market. It features general/plenary sessions, education sessions, networking events and a tabletop exhibition.

“The big-picture vision of the future that Clem Sunter offers is what industry executives need to ensure the strong growth and evolution of the cold chain in South Africa,” said GCCA President & CEO Corey Rosenbusch. “This is already a major cold chain market and there is huge potential ahead in this nation.”

Sunter has an extensive history working in a variety of industries. In the early 1980s, he established a scenario planning function with teams in London and Johannesburg. Using material from several successful teams, he put together a presentation titled, “The World and South Africa in the 1990s”. In the presentation, two scenarios were offered for South Africa: the “High Road” of negotiation leading to a political settlement and the “Low Road” of confrontation leading to a civil war and a wasteland. South Africa took the High Road. Sunter delivered the presentation to F.W. de Klerk and the South African Cabinet in 1986 and visited Nelson Mandela in prison to discuss the future just before his release.

Since 1987, Sunter has authored 17 books, some of which have been bestsellers. He is also working to mobilize the private sector in the war against HIV/AIDS and create a new generation of entrepreneurs in South Africa.

“Thinking like a fox is very much like being a scenario planner,” Sunter states. “Foxes look at the environment to see how it’s changing and are quick to respond -- in light of the tough economic times, businesses need to constantly adapt to changes in the market.”

He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Cape Town for his work in the field of scenario planning. Leading South African CEOs also named him as the speaker who has made the most significant contribution to, and impact on, best practice and business in South Africa. He has given scenario presentations in Europe, India, Singapore, Britain, Australia and various African countries. He has lectured at the Harvard Business School in Boston and at the Central Party School in Beijing.

For more information and to register for the GCCA South Africa Cold Chain Summit, visit  http://www.gcca.org/gcca-south-africa-cold-chain-summit/ .