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GCCA Applauds USDA’s Announcement to Address Supply Chain Challenges with the Port of Houston



The Port of Houston Frozen Protein Shipping Alliance (Alliance), which includes the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), applauds the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) announcement today to form a partnership with the Port of Houston to address supply chain challenges and improve service for shippers of U.S. grown agricultural commodities. Houston is an important port for the movement of U.S. poultry, beef, and pork totaling a half-billion dollars in 2021 and demand is projected to increase in 2022.  However, limited availability of equipment, specifically chassis, at the port to move and position reefer containers risks the loss of millions in additional sales and would have broader impacts across the food supply chain.  Without action, these challenges would threaten the ability of the poultry and meat industry to effectively continue exporting from the port Houston, adding to the strain of already congested other ports.


The newly announced partnership will enable the Port of Houston to establish a dedicated chassis pool and is a critical step to help meet the growing demand for refrigerated container trade.  The Alliance greatly appreciates the support from USDA to ensure that the Port of Houston will be able to fully utilize its current capacity for reefers and avoid the risk of turning away or delaying exports. This partnership will help ensure that the agriculture industry will be able to efficiently export U.S. commodities through the port and avoid costly delays or capacity constraints.

Read USDA’s Announcement Here.




The Port of Houston Frozen Protein Shipping Alliance was formed in February 2022 in response to supply chain challenges being experienced at the port.  The Alliance brings together agricultural producers, exporters, cold chain logistics providers and tranporters to advance supply chain solutions at the port.  For more information on the Alliance contact Lowell Randel ( ) or Jim Sumner ( ).


Members of the Alliance include:

Agriculture Transportation Coalition      

Global Cold Chain Alliance          

North American Meat Institute

Texas Poultry Federation

USA Poultry & Egg Export Council

US Meat Export Federation




June 16, 2022

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