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GCCA Calls on Canadian Government to Make Food Security and Increasing Food Supply a Major Policy Focus

On Monday, May 30, 2022, GCCA joined 12 other food and agriculture associations in sending a letter to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, calling on the Federal Government to unleash Canada’s great potential for producing sustainable, affordable food for Canadians and the world. With the war in Ukraine, ongoing challenges from COVID, global supply chain problems and environmental shocks from climate change, Canadians and citizens around the world are facing higher food costs and food shortages. These shortages will disproportionately affect the poor. It is time for Canada to intensify food production to sustainably and affordably feed Canadians and the world. The current situation calls for a major renewed policy focus on optimizing Canada’s food production and Canadian food producers and suppliers are calling on the Prime Minster and Cabinet to take critical, immediate action. The Government of Canada must make food security a key factor in government priorities, actions and decisions, ensuring no regulatory or political obstacles to maintaining current levels of food production, and where possible increasing food production of all types. In particular, the letter asks for two immediate actions:

1) Make Secure Food Production and Supply a Top Consideration in Policy Decisions: Political and regulatory decisions in the near term should prioritize food security and productivity in the policy and decision-making process. This must include a focus on supply-chain resiliency to ensure Canada has the ability to get our products to the markets that need them most.

2) Focus on an Agile, Modern Regulatory Environment that Supports Production Growth: Review the 2019 Aquaculture and Agri-Food Roadmap and the status of all outstanding projects and renew efforts towards their completion.


Read the full letter HERE

May 31, 2022

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