Cold Connection

GCCA Virtual Innovation Program

GCCA is pleased to provide members virtual opportunities to learn and connect via the GCCA Virtual Innovation Program . This new online program is convenient and affordable


Cold Chain Essentials – Virtual Learning Series

The Cold Chain Essentials Virtual Learning Series is aimed at delivering essential content for individuals of all levels within all segments of the global GCCA membership. Education sessions are divided into tracks based on topic areas and are held over a 5-week period between October 14 and November 10.


Cold Chain Collaboration - B2B Meetings

Our virtual business meeting platform will allow GCCA members from across the world to engage in pre-scheduled meetings with qualified participants. The virtual platform allows us to provide new opportunities for cold chain leaders, vendors, and solution providers to engage in exchanges that help strengthen existing and create new trading partner relationships.


Learn about the VIP Program

To learn about this new program and how your team can participate watch Introduction to VIP recording .


Register for the VIP Program

Click here to register.


August 31, 2020

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