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Have (or Need) Extra Cold Storage Warehouse Space? Contact GCCA

GCCA members are working night and day to keep the food supply chain moving during the coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, food manufacturers, processors and shippers are seeking additional cold storage warehouse space. In an effort to help connect members to these opportunities, we're asking you to let our staff know if you have space available within your facilities. As we work through requests from customers for members with available capacity, we recognize that some of our members may also need overflow space. 

Please contact us if your facility is at capacity and would like to be matched up with another member facility who has excess capacity available.  Contact  Alice McKinnon  for North America and Julie Hanson for Europe. 

Important note: GCCA will not be involved in the commercial process, only connecting stakeholders, in compliance with anti-trust regulations.


April 07, 2020


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