Hudson Global Development Fund

Education-Tanzania The Hudson Global Development Fund supports international programs and education and provides micro-grants to individuals and small enterprises to enhance their production, post-harvest, or cold chain capacities. Make a donation »

Just as the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), which Hudson led for 32 years, advances global market access and food security through cold chain development, this fund focuses on providing seed money as an initial investment to grow the businesses of growers, traders, processors or cold chain providers involved in the world’s most important industry – quality food for a global population.

The Hudson Global Development Fund fund takes a meaningful step in that direction, dedicating maximum use of funds to deserving individuals and organization. Examples of possible funding opportunities include granting harvesting containers for growers to protect the quality of their produce or a mobile cooler to extend the shelf life of products to enter higher value markets. In addition, the Hudson Global Development Fund will support the work of WFLO or other identified needs.

“The investments this fund makes will address the challenges of feeding the global population and drive economic development in the food and agriculture sector.” – Bill Hudson, President, Global Cold Chain Alliance