Human Resource & Talent Development

Human resources (HR), including hiring, screening, and evaluating employees is a necessary function of an efficient operation. The resources below help managers understand employment law and recruit, retain and develop high quality employees.

Employment Law


Learn About Employment Law with Jackson Lewis
GCCA has developed a special relationship with Jackson Lewis in order to assist its members with their workplace safety, health and employment law issues.

Employment Law Inquiry Form
Do you have a labor or employment issue or question? Get expert answers from Jackson Lewis by completing the Jackson Lewis Inquiry Form.


Recruitment and Retention

Labor shortages, particularly of skilled labor, continue to be a significant concern for the refrigerated warehouse and logistics industry. The following member-only resources can help your company secure the best talent.


Controlled Environment Building Professional Job Task Analysis

Subject matter experts representing controlled environment building personnel formed an Oversight Committee to perform a Job Task Analysis (JTA), defining the role and competencies of a controlled environment building professional.

Warehouse Manager Job Task Analysis

Subject matter experts have helped GCCA prepare a comprehensive list of activities associated with the job duties performed by refrigerated warehouse general managers to create this Job Task Analysis (JTA).

Working in the Cold - Posters

Download these four posters to print and post in your breakroom to remind employees of best practices for working in the cold.

Recruiting & Retaining Top Talent White Paper
Key recruitment and retention strategies employed by several IARW warehouse members; expressed by their CEOs and business owners at a recent association meeting Part of the Talent Management White Paper Series, developed by  Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC.

Creating a World-Class Onboarding Experience
Invites business leaders and 3PLs to reconsider the traditional approaches to the onboarding process in order to maximize the success of a new hire.

IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Administration
See Chapter 3: Human Resources for sample job descriptions, an employment application template, helpful tips on recruiting the best, 
sample performance appraisal and tips on retaining employees.

Pre-Employment Assessment Template
Download and adapt this pre-employment skill evaluation template to help assess candidates for administrative or warehouse positions.


Retention and Employee Engagement

How do you retain employees and reduce costly turnover? It's a combination of excellent hiring practices, thorough orientation and training, and consistent talent management. Get tips and best practices in employee retention with the member-only resources below.

Performance Management Process Strategies White Paper

Eight successful strategies for enhancing performance management to create an ongoing process.  Part of the Talent Management White Paper Series, developed by  Jeremy Lurey of Plus Delta Consulting, LLC.

North American Warehouse Labor Turnover Survey Report
Results from a survey, detaling turnover rates by region, and those states that have the highest turnover rates, while introducing solutions some facilites have found in order to reduce turnover in their labor force.  

Talent Management in Today's Workforce
In this article from COLD FACTS Magazine, learn how to build the best team by recruiting imaginatively, hiring artfully and incentivizing wisely.

IARW Guide to Effective Warehouse Administration
See Chapter 3: Human Resources for a sample performance appraisal and tips on retaining employees.




Guest Lecture Program
The Guest Lecture Program is designed to help industry leaders increase awareness of the cold chain logistics industry and attract new talent to the industry.

Industry Award Programs
GCCA hosts numerous annual award programs celebrating young professionals and emerging leaders in the industry.

GCCA Peer Network Leadership Forums (Mastermind Peer Networks)
A Mastermind Peer Network is a meeting of highly motivated individuals who share a common goal to improve their leadership and individual performance. They are also looking to learn from others and in return help their fellow group members improve.



WFLO Institute Program

More than just a once-a-year, in-person training program, the WFLO Institute offers an in-person classroom experience, webinars, and online learning. 

WFLO Institute Classroom Experiences
The WFLO Institute, held annually in Atlanta, Ga. and Tempe, Az as well as Latin America is the world's top cold chain logistics training program for future industry leaders.

WFLO Graduate Institute
Graduates from the WFLO Institutes are encouraged to continue their cold chain education at the annual WFLO Graduate Institute. This four-day intensive training sets your employees apart from their peers as they take the next step in their career.


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