IARW Issues Job Safety Analysis Guide 

March 14, 2016

Many job-related injuries in the cold chain industry occur because employees are not trained in the proper job procedures. One way to prevent these injuries is to conduct a job safety analysis, which is an effective tool for eliminating or minimizing workplace hazards.

The International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) Safety Committee recently developed the Job Safety Analysis Guide  to help warehouse managers plan their own job safety analyses.

The guide includes a job safety analysis template that can be used to conduct a job safety analysis and customized to meet your company needs.

IARW Safety Committee Chairman Ken Hudson, Director of Environmental Health and Safety-Western Division for Lineage Logistics, believes that companies can help prevent injuries by looking at operations and establishing proper job procedures ensuring that all employees are trained properly.

“Performing a job safety analysis allows warehouse facilities to evaluate each job task to identify inherent hazards associated with the job tasks our employees are performing in an effort to eliminate or reduce the risk of injuries,” he says. “Companies that have remained faithful and disciplined to employee safety and have integrated safety as equals into all of their processes enjoy the many benefits of a total safety culture workplace.”

Workplace hazards that can be eliminated or lessened with proper job safety analysis include slip and falls, accidents caused from forklift operations, cold environment, rack storage, and manual material handling.

“The job safety analysis is a way to get frontline employees involved in the safety process,” Hudson adds. “It allows companies to utilize their expertise in each specific job task to identify the hazards, apply administrative or engineering controls and specify personal protective equipment to be used while performing the job task. Once you know what the hazards are and how to protect your employees, you will enjoy a safer workplace with the likelihood of reduced injuries, reduced workers compensation costs, and increased worker productivity, which results in higher profitability.”

For more information or to download the Job Safety Analysis Guide, visit http://www.gcca.org/resources/publications/white-papers-reports/job-safety-analysis-guide-and-template/ . More information is also available by contacting GCCA at +2022lpl or email@gcca.org .