IRTA - Member Benefits

Why should your company join the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA)? Explore the many benefits below. Click here to join IRTA today.


Improve Operations & Grow Your Business

Expert Guidance

Get answers to your most pressing cold chain questions dealing with any aspect of the cold chain operations — from legal matters to food science — when the GCCA Inquiry Service connects you directly with the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council, a team of food scientists and industry experts.

Technical Resources

Learn industry standards and best practices with the GCCA library of technical resources including guides, manuals, checklists, and more. Popular resources available to IRTA members are the IRTA Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Guide, which provides solutions to help members prepare for compliance with the FSMA Sanitary Transportation of Food Rule; the WFLO Commodity Storage Manual, a guide containing proper scientific storage procedures, relative humidities and other data on approximately 250 different food products; and the Food Freezing and Storage Calculator, which puts food freezing information right at your fingertips with information on nearly 1,000 products.

Trends and Technology

Stay on top of trends and innovative technologies with COLD FACTS magazine, the Cold Connection eNewsletter and Online Newsfeed, and GCCA-hosted Webinars.

Access to Research

Access important research on cold chain trends in key market areas around the world to help your organization determine where and how to grow your business.

Talent Development

Develop your team through educational opportunities such as the FSMA-centered IRTA Driver Training program; conference educational programs with sessions focused on logistics best practices; the transportation track of the WFLO Institute – a 3-year training program for individuals working in temperature-controlled warehouses; and GCCA online training.

Guidance on Transportation Legal Issues

Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary (Scopelitis) is a law firm that specializes in transportation legal issues. Scopelitis lawyers help IRTA members understand if they need legal assistance with their transportation challenges at no cost. If it is determined that legal assistance is needed, IRTA members will receive a 10% discount on Scopelitis rates if they decide to use them as their legal representation.

Implement Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices

Implement the best practices found in IRTA's Refrigerated Transportation Best Practices Guide, which will help you comply with the FDA FSMA Sanitary Transportation of Food rule as well as gain industry recognition.


Connect with a Global Network


GCCA Core Partners host events around the world – including tradeshows, educational conferences, and one-day seminars – that provide unparalleled networking opportunities for individuals working in each cold chain sector to meet and greet with peers, colleagues, customers, and partners. See the events calendar.

GCCA Online Community

Seek crowd-sourced solutions by connecting with share groups of industry peers and colleagues on the GCCA Online Community. Join forums related to your specific job function including 3PL Supply Chain, HR, and Engineering.


Drive Industry Growth

Committee Work

Join a team of change-makers by volunteering your time and expertise on GCCA committees and task forces, which create solutions to critical industry issues, including developing white papers and technical guides.

Serve on International Projects

Help develop the cold chain internationally and make a significant impact on the general health and nutrition, economies, and environments of developing countries by participating on an international development project. GCCA members can serve on projects in a number of capacities, offering time, services, and expertise.


Gain a voice in Washington, DC, as GCCA leaders liaise with government decision-makers and provide members tools to proactively influence public policy impacting the cold chain industry. Members can also participate on coalitions joined by GCCA, as the team works closely with allied organizations to promote policies beneficial to the temperature-controlled logistics industry.


Build Credibility & Recognition

Thought Leadership

Become a thought leader in the industry by speaking at association events, representing GCCA through speaking opportunities at industry conferences, writing articles for association publications such as COLD FACTS magazine, or lending expertise to technical publications developed by volunteer committees.

Award Programs

Showcase your individual talents or organization achievements through cold chain award programs including young leadership awards like the Global NextGen Award for Industry Talent, and the CEBA Built by the Best award for facility design and construction.

Certified Cold Carrier Program

No matter where you are on the globe, aligning your company with the U.S. Food Safety  Modernization Act (FSMA) best practices is accomplished with this GCCA program designed to recognize carrier organizations for their  commitment to sanitary and safe transportation of perishable products.

Cold Chain Directory Listing

Grow your organization’s brand recognition and drive business with a listing in the Global Cold Chain Directory. Members receive a listing in this global sourcebook for over 3,000 cold chain companies and solutions.

GCCA Core Partner Member Logos

Gain credibility by being part of an organization that is recognized globally as a leading cold chain authority. Use GCCA Core Partner member logos on your materials to appoint your organization as a cold chain leader.


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