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New Leadership Opportunities For European Members

The GCCA Leadership has been working hand in hand with the European Advisory Committee to conduct industry reviews, to identify critical issues and to assess and develop member services. The European Advisory Committee is composed of five warehouse members from across the continent - Xavier Haspeslagh, Stockhabo, Belgium; Manuel Kabana, Friopuerto, Spain; Niels Lundgaard-Svenstrup, Coldstar, Denmark; Tasos Charitonidis, Alaska Cold Stores, Greece; and Ben van Leeuwen, Frigolanda, Netherlands.

GCCA has worked in tight collaboration with the European Advisory Committee to create a more agile and inclusive leadership structure in Europe. The new structure is an “ European Council ” and it will be an opportunity for diverse European members to take on a more active role in voicing the interests and needs of the sector, guiding initiatives and advising on strategy for the region. The new European Council will include warehouse members, transportation members and building contractor members. Candidates will be selected on specific criteria to reflect diversity as much as possible. Service terms have been defined to allow both continuity and dynamic rotation.

We are conscious of the critical situation you dealing with these days and your business requires all your attention. European Advisory Committee, GCCA Leadership and staff are monitoring the current situation regularly to determine when the time is appropriate for the new GCCA European Council to be launched. 

April 29, 2020


European Advisory Committee

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