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Participants Advancing Through Postharvest Program with Tuskegee University
Author: Laura Poko
Tuskegee Postharvest Program Grads 2016_500pxw Participants of the Postharvest program (from l to r): Courtney Jallo, Lisa Kitinoja (instructor), Leah Puro, Elyssa Lewis, Juliya Abassi (Pakistan), Karin Albornoz (Chile) and Kate Wilkins

Six participants from UC Davis completed a six-month e-learning program as part of a three-year postharvest training program that takes place at Tuskegee University  in Alabama, United States. Led by World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO) Senior Technical Advisor Lisa Kitinoja, the program is supported by WFLO and funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The project’s ultimate goal is to provide training in postharvest technologies for small farmers, agriculture extension personnel, international students, and interested members of the public at the university.

June 07, 2016


Lisa Kitinoja

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