March 23, 2022 (All day) to March 25, 2022 (All day)
Hilton Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions


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Thursday, 24 March


9:00 – 10:15: Opening Plenary Session



Welcome and Opening Remarks 

Julie Hanson, Director of Europe, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) 


GCCA Europe Strategic priorities

Niels Lundgaard-Svenstrup, GCCA European Logistics Council Chair

Nordic Network & Business Development Director, Lineage

GCCA’s European Logistics Council, a leadership group of European GCCA members, has set a number of strategic priorities to support cold chain and members’ business in 2022. In this session, the Council Chair will also tell more about the Council’s role and review the achievements of the past year.


Global Cold Chain Update 

Matthew R. Ott, President & CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) 


Keynote: Global Perishable Trends, Supply Chain Disruptions and Market Distortions; Outlook for the next years 

Danny Levenswaard, Director Breakbulk, Port of Rotterdam

Supply chains have been significantly disrupted in the past two years, not only by the pandemic but also by a number of geo-political and market factors. Learn how these disruptions affect global trade, distort the market place, impacts third-party logistics and what to expect in the coming years.


15:00 – 16:30: Afternoon Plenary Session



Keynote:  Occupational Health & Prevention - Mitigating the Mental Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Workforce

Dr. Juliet Hassard, Associate Professor in Occupational Health Psychology, Facility of Medicine & Health Sciences,University of Nottingham


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your workers’ mental health is a reality. In this session, Dr. Juliet Hassard will expose the scope of that impact on industry and will share data on the resulting cost on business. Hassard will discuss several initiatives that employers can use to mitigate the risk of workers’ absence due to mental health issues and demonstrate that the smallest actions in the day-to-day management and behaviour can have the most powerful positive influence on your workforce’s wellbeing and performance. 


TECH TALK: Supporting Workforce Retention through PPE Innovations

Jerry Lauber, Managing Director, Fortdress Group



European Future Leader Competition: Candidate Presentations

GCCA’s Future Leader Award programme recognizes outstanding young professionals in the cold storage industry. Conference attendees will hear from the finalists to learn about their visions for the future for the third-party temperature-controlled logistics industry, and why they advocate for young leaders to be a part of the industry.  Learn more about the programme .

> Corrin Hill, Transport Manager, Lineage Logistics, UK

> Roope Suotunen, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, Europe, Americold, Netherlands 


The New Face of Europe – UK Trade and What’s Next

Moderator: Shane Brennan, CEO, (UK) Cold Chain Federation

Full customs controls came into effect on 1 January 2022 and created new bottlenecks in supply chains as many businesses were still unprepared for the new regulations. Hear from operators dealing with import/export on a daily basis, how they mitigate delays and other consequences of Brexit rules.


Friday, 25 March


8:30 – 9:45: Morning Plenary Session


Cold Chain Development Opportunities, global achievements and new initiatives  

Manuel Cabrera Kabana, IARW Vice Chair and Executive Director of Friopuerto Investment 
Vittorio Marcon, International Business Development, ISOPAN (Manni Group)

Michele Bruni, Chief Commercial Officer, Inspira Farms


Investments are increasing in developing regions to develop the cold chain and trigger new business opportunities for 3PL operators (integrate economic data). GCCA’s foundation the World Food Logistics Organisation works with public funds and private donors to carry out such projects and support various development initiatives. The Vice Chair of GCCA’s warehousing arm the IARW will share insights into current initiatives and the multiple opportunities that can be explored in those regions. As part of these initiatives, GCCA has partnered with Manni Group to support the Ghana Innovation Farm design build contest to develop a cold chain hub in Africa (view the  webinar recording ). Vittorio Marcon from Manni Group will tell more about the concept, the project potential and announce the winners. Michele Bruni from InspiraFarms will provide data on cold chain development potential in Africa. Together, we can improve cold chain and reduce food waste from farm to fork! 


Carbon footprint reduction and climate change targets: an opportunity to be innovative and push the limits  

Yosr Allouche, Head of Projects, International Institute of Refrigeration

Andy Joynson, Director Site Operations, Innocent drinks

Steven Beuselinck, Commercial Manager, Luik Natie

Francesco Incalza , president of  Thermo King EMEA  at  Trane Technologies


How can European cold chain prepare to meet the climate change targets set by the EU by 2030? What is the situation today and how to get there? GCCA conducted a carbon footprint research to map out the current footprint of cold chain operators in Europe and define a roadmap to work towards the set targets. Examples in the industry show that there are opportunities for temperature-controlled transportation and facilities to reduce their footprint with the integration of multiple sustainable energy solutions and other technology and building considerations.



13:00 – 13:45: Closing Plenary Session


Cold Chain Café Recap

A summary of the outcome of the roundtable discussions held on Thursday and Friday will be shared with the audience as additional takeaways from the conference.


Strengthening The Voice Of Cold Chain: Why Advocacy Is Important

Valérie Lasserre, General Delegate, La Chaîne Logistique du Froid

Tom Southall, Policy Director, (UK) Cold Chain Federation

Derk Van Mackelenbergh, Director, Nekovri


A panel of national association leaders will share successful stories about advocating the interests of the industry and the positive result for cold chain operators. Many issues are common across countries, working together on agenda priorities is key to making our voice louder and influencing policy more effectively .



Future Leader of the Year Award Recipient Announcement

Matt Ott, President & CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) 

The winner of this year’s competition will be announced and rewarded. The winner is automatically eligible for the Global Next Gen competition and will run against Award winners of other regions.


Closing Remarks 

Julie Hanson, Director of Europe, Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)