RLS Logistics, a GCCA member, Receives Food Cowboy's 2018 Wrangler Award

December 04, 2018

RLS Logistics, a member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, won the 2018 Wrangler Award presented by Food Cowboy Foundation. Food Cowboy Foundation serves as a strategic partner to GCCA, working to reduce food loss and waste by implementing innovative solutions to redirect food away from landfills. RLS Logistics is a New-Jersey based temperature controlled warehousing and logistics provider that has been a member of GCCA for 19 years. The Wrangler Award is an annual initiative that was launched in 2018 to recognize leadership in reducing waste within the food industry.

RLS Logistics is dedicated to sustainability practices in their operations including the reduction of waste and improvement in efficiency. Throughout 2018, RLS Logistics further demonstrated their commitment to reducing waste through their support and use of Food Cowboy’s donation hotline, which connects food donors with organizations who provide meals to food insecure people, elderly, or children in need. The RLS Logistics’ OS&D (Over, Short, and Damaged) team used the hotline to donate over 60,000 pounds of surplus fresh and frozen food, with almost 60% of the food donated being high quality protein. Their 12 months of donations will help to provide over 50,000 meals to communities in need.

“We are honored to win the Wrangler Award for our efforts towards food waste reduction,” said Rhonda Whittaker, an RLS Logistics representative. “As a company handling massive quantities of food, we realized that we had the ability to impact hunger in the U.S. and we couldn’t say no to that. Also, Food Cowboy makes it easy for companies like ours to donate with their donation hotline.”

To learn more about the Food Cowboy donation hotline, please visit www.foodcowboy.com . Contact: Barbara Cohen / (800) 673-6916 AND info@foodcowboy.com

To learn more about how GCCA is fighting food loss and waste, please visit https://www.gcca.org/resources/fighting-food-loss-and-waste . If you are a member and want to share your story, please contact Richard Tracy, Vice President of International Programs, at rtracy@gcca.org .




About RLS Logistics

RLS Logistics is a privately held, family-run company with the third generation of the Leo family handling the day-to-day operations. Originally founded as R. Leo & Son Mushroom Farm, the company transformed itself over the years into one of the region’s leading temperature-controlled logistics providers offering transportation, warehousing, packaging and distribution services. The tradition of quality service at a fair price has helped make RLS Logistics the premier  third-party logistics company  it is today. Learn more at www.rlslogistics.com .

About the Wrangler Award

The Food Cowboy Wrangler Award is awarded annually to a business or community organization that actively works to reduce food insecurity and the amount of food wasted in the United States. Awardees are selected based on the depth, breadth and consistency of their efforts.

About Food Cowboy

Food Cowboy’s mission is to reduce food waste, hunger and damage to the environment, by encouraging and assisting food companies with donations of wholesome but unmarketable food. The goal is to encourage the highest use of wholesome unmarketable food by increasing the connectivity of food companies or logistics operators and food charities. Through our hotline we help connect food donors with non-profit organizations who provide meals or groceries to food insecure people. Through mentoring, education and technical assistance we educate businesses, community organizations, students and consumers about food waste, sustainability and local solutions. Last year Food Cowboy assisted with the donation of 1.1 million pounds of food, providing about 917,000 meals to those in need. For more information visit foodcowboy.com .