May 03, 2021 2:00PM to May 06, 2021 5:00PM

The South Africa Cold Store Operations Short Course is hosted by GCCA and its core partner, the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses. T he Short Course is an industry-specific program for professionals engaged in temperature-controlled logistics and will feature modules taught by leading experts in the industry. It will provide an opportunity for warehouse managers, controllers and supervisors to be trained on local and international best practices in cold store operations. 

This course is open to all cold storage operators including: 3PLs, distributors, producers and retailers.

The course will be held  virtually on 3, 4, 5 and 6 May 2021 from 14:00-17:00 SAST each day. 


The objectives for each module are :

Cold Store Operations

Taught by: Daniel Kaplan, Vice-Chairman of WFLO and retired CEO of Cloverleaf Cold Storage, United States

  • Prioritize the expectations of a Warehouse Manager
  • Identify the key steps in the product lifecycle within a cold storage warehouse
  • Discuss gaps between their organization’s current product lifecycle and industry best practices
  • Brainstorm solutions to common supervisory and managerial challenges

Food Handling and Temperature Management

Taught by: Dr. Michael Jahncke, Chairman of the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council, United States

  • Determine several goals of product preservation techniques
  • Observe the PPP factors affecting the quality of perishable foods

Food Safety – HACCP

Taught by: Verona Ramsook, Group Food Safety Manager, Etlin International, South Africa

  • Define Critical Control Point
  • List five examples of CCPs in a refrigerated warehouse environment
  • Generate a formal list of standard operating procedures to incorporate into a warehouse sanitation program

Energy Management

Taught by: Mesuli Mdluli, Maintenance Manager, CCS Logistics, South Africa

  • Compute the electrical consumption costs of individual electrical components
  • Describe potential effects on operations when power demand is high
  • Evaluate methods for minimizing power costs

Innovations & Best Practices in Cold Storage Technology

Taught by: Greg Laurin, President of Conestoga Cold Storage, Canada

  • Review current trends in warehouse technology
  • Identify innovations that can help solve problems in the warehouses
  • Discuss the benefits and trade-offs of specific technologies

Regulatory Procedures

Taught by: Jacques De Wet, Risk and Loss Control Manager, Chilleweni Cold Storage Solutions, South Africa

  • Acquire information regarding regulations that impact cold storage and agriculture
  • Identify practices in the organizations that may not be in compliance with existing regulations
  • Receive suggestions on how to remain compliant and foster a compliance culture

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Taught by: James Eason, Cold Chain Technical Expert, Brighthouse Consultancy, Kenya

  • Define your role as a safety leader
  • Learn how to provide safety feedback and enforce it with supportive behavior
  • Define techniques for value-added safety training

Customer Service

Taught by: Paul Gibbons, Customer Director, Vector Logistics, South Africa

  • Explain the relationship between customer satisfaction and business growth
  • Select appropriate key performance indicators to measure customer satisfaction
  • Explain the customer expectations categories


Registration Fees :       

  • GCCA Member Operators: US$125  per participant 
  • Cold Store Operators  Non-Members: US$225 per participant 



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