Surveys & Market Research

GCCA Core Partners study the cold chain industry to better understand the scope and needs of the industry.  To better understand the scope of our industry, explore the surveys, reports, and research below.


Warehouse Operations


Productivity and Benchmarking Report
Survey and report investigating practices in North American warehousing, with key performance indicators and benchmarks in finance, operations and employee wages. 


Warehouse General Manager Job Task Analysis/Job Description

Subject matter experts have helped GCCA prepare a comprehensive list of activities associated with the job duties performed by refrigerated warehouse general managers to create this Job Task Analysis (JTA).


2020 COVID-19 Cold Chain Business Impact Survey Summary

GCCA has published the findings of its survey of business impacts of the COVID-19 virus on companies comprising the global cold chain. The report provides critical data about some of the ripple effects globally on social and economic activity of the cold chain industry.


2020 IARW North American Warehouse Employee Turnover Survey
GCCA’s North American Warehouse Employee Turnover Survey provides the labor turnover rate overall and per geographic region. GCCA members may access the data at no charge.


Workplace Safety Survey
GCCA  is conducting a survey to quantify the current state of the temperature-controlled warehouse industry with regard to safety culture, awareness of available safety resources, ongoing safety training, and resulting impact of safety activities and programs. 


PRW Automation Readiness Study
Market research initiative to clarify what benefits automation can bring to the PRW cold storage industry and summarize what the Public Refrigerated Warehouse (PRW) industry needs to ready itself to adopt such solutions.


GCCA & ABIAF - Pesquisa de Remuneraҫão (Compensation Survey)
Já está disponível o resultado da nossa Pesquisa de Remuneração 2020. Mais. 
Annual survey capturing compensation data for various employment positions across the regions of Brazil. 

Pesquisa de Produtividade e Benchmarking – GCCA Brasil
Já está disponível o resultado da Pesquisa Brasileira de Produtividade e Benchmarking 2020 (com dados de 2019).
2020 Brazilian Productivity and Benchmarking report is released (with 2019 data).


Market Size & Characteristics


2020 Global Cold Chain Capacity Report
This report provides data on refrigerated warehouse capacity in 51 countries using information collected from GCCA's international offices.


Cold Chain Industry Trends Report

Results and findings from a survey conducted by GCCA of companies representing the temperature controlled warehouse and distribution industry.


GCCA Cold Chain Customer Research Report
​Data detailing the perceptions of 3PL customers on their cold chain providers and service needs. 


IARW Top 10/25 Lists of the Largest Refrigerated Warehousing and Logistics Providers
Annual lists of the largest operators in the world.


​USDA NASS Cold Storage Monthly Summary
U.S. regional and national end-of-month stocks of meats, dairy products, poultry products, fruits, nuts, and vegetables in public, private and semi-private refrigerated warehouses.


USDA NASS Cold Storage Annual Summary
U.S. annual regional and national totals for end-of-month holdings of meat, dairy products, poultry products, fruits, nuts and vegetables in public, private, and semi-private refrigerated warehouses.


USDA NASS Capacity of Refrigerated Warehouses
Number of refrigerated warehouses by type and size group for states and US; includes public, private and semiprivate general warehouse capacity, apple and pear storage capacity; gross space and usable space for refrigerator, cooler or freezer space.