Updating Your Directory Listing

The GCCA Member Directory/Buyer’s Guide is the #1 most-used resources at gcca.org. Don’t miss out on potential customers finding your company - update your member/directory listing today. It’s easier than ever to put this lead generation tool to use. After clicking on the update link in the email you receive from GCCA (need a link? email us) you'll click Continue to get to the first screen below. Please follow the prompts to update your record:

A list of your facilities appears next.
Remove or add as needed and click Continue.


Step one - how to update your directory listing

Enter your organization contact data - URL, social accounts, and directory update contact. Click Save and Continue.

Here's where to involve your marketing or business development team - or put on the marketing hat yourself! You'll want to include relevant details in your Directory Description - what information do you share with prospective customers? Type it in.


Screen two - how to update your directory listing




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