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Want To Change Employee Performance Paradigm?

Is your performance review process working as well as you think it is?

Recent studies of the global workforce, indicate that it may not be…

  • One in four global employees report that they receive no feedback from their supervisors outside of performance evaluations.
  • More than 65 percent of employees said the feedback they received in their annual performance review contained “surprises” not mentioned by their manager before the review.
  • Two-thirds of employees reported that feedback from their annual appraisal confused or demoralized them, resulting in a negative effect on their performance.
  • Millennials, who comprise more than half of the world’s workforce, overwhelmingly want more feedback than they are getting.

We have grown accustomed to receiving instant feedback and data. Why, then, do we rely on once-a-year performance reviews to help our teams improve and grow? That’s the question one IARW member company asked themselves before abandoning their rating system for a model that fostered more productive conversations around employee performance and development. Listen to members of the Burris Logistics Talent Management team as they share their experience in re-imagining this critical, though sometimes daunting, task. Click here to visit our archived webinar library and watch the 22 July 2020 session.

October 05, 2020

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