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Want to learn what your customers think? 2020 Global Customer Research Report

The 2020 GCCA Global Customer Research Survey is designed specifically to improve the business relationships between 3PL providers and their customers. The success of this survey and value in the data collected is dependent on participation from members, who have established relationships with processors, retailers and food companies alike. Provided a robust database of responses, members will have access to information on:

  • Customer perceptions of third-party logistics companies in the cold chain 
  • Areas for improvement to satisfy customers’ needs and strengthen working relationships
  • Reasons for beginning or ending a relationship with a provider
  • Trends in the use of 3PL providers

GCCA needs help to disseminate the Cold Chain Customer Survey. We request that all members edit, copy and send this email to your customers. The ideal customer respondent will be either:

  • A top executive at one of your customer companies (retailer, processor, etc.) AND/OR
  • Logistics/supply chain personnel from one of your customer companies (retailer, processor, etc.).

Feel free to add a personal note or make any adjustments to the wording of the note. Please reach out to Jason Troendle at  with any questions about the survey or its dissemination.

November 02, 2020


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